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Music: ‘One More Night of Christmas’

By Christina Stock

The lead singer behind the name Suzanne’s Band is Texas-native Mia Suzanne Walker, an artist who considers herself an indie folk-rock singer. The band — an Americana underground favorite — has released a charming and warm-hearted Christmas single that is promising and may just be the one to head out of the underground and into the light finding more fans. “One More Night of Christmas,” has the right balance between Walker’s bluesy mezzo-soprano voice range and the accompanying pop music background that flows smoothly.

Walker’s voice carries the emotions perfectly, sharing with the listener the longing of having another chance with a loved one at Christmas Eve, the idea and dream of a past not long ago, that will reflect in many who are listening and are facing a quieter, socially distanced holiday this year.

The melody is comfortable, the instruments following known pathways that feel familiar, yet new, including the airy jingling of bells. This is something that every potentially great Christmas song has in common. It makes one long for more, a short single is just not enough.

“One More Night of Christmas,” is my choice for 2020: Bittersweet and endearingly melancholic.

According to Walker’s biography, one of her recent highlights is her acceptance into the Recording Academy (Grammy’s), and she is rapidly becoming a popular YouTube artist, with her videos being seen by more than 30,000 people at press time.

Additionally, Suzanne’s Band’s video release of “Don’t Give Up Yet,” in October is a humorous uplifting answer to what can and did go wrong that makes one sing along.

I can imagine her band making a great impact in live concerts. Hopefully that will be soon possible again. Meanwhile, we have her YouTube channel and social media pages.

For more information, visit suzannesband.com.


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PRESS: Suzanne Walker releases new LP

Original article: https://toomuchlovemagazine.com/suzanne-walker-releases-new-lp/

If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like to throw a handful of blues-influenced, roaring electric guitars, delicate acoustics, mischievously flexible grooves, passion-laden vocals and evocative folk harmonies together into a melting pot of melodic charms, you’re in for quite the special listening experience when giving the new album from Suzanne’s Band, Back to You, a spin. Back to You is the official sequel to Breathe, an extended play that Suzanne’s Band released to much acclaim back in 2018, and if you liked what you heard on that first offering, you’re going to be very impressed with what the Mia Suzanne Walker-led group has put together for us in this, their latest release. Right out of the gate in “Fault in My Stars,” Walker straddles a buoyant beat with the seamless command of a seasoned studio pro, and while she’s not as much of a veteran as her affectionate performances might have us believe, she’s nevertheless rolling like a deeply talented professional here, in songs like “I Almost Said I Do,” “Don’t Give Up Yet,” “Write a Book” and “Look Up,” all of which would make for marvelous singles in their own right.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/suzannesband/

As far as production quality is concerned, Back to You is the most polished effort we’ve seen from Suzanne’s Band thus far, and you needn’t look much further than the acrylic detail on both “Wonder When” and the title track to understand exactly what I mean. There’s not a stone left unturned in the big picture of these two songs, and really any of the other eight that join them in the tracklist here, with the pendulous groove of the strings creating a miniature sonic hurricane in “Wonder When” that is just as sumptuous to consume as the slow-motion stomp of “Gonna Rise Up” is. From beginning to end in Back to You, we’re forced in one way or another to react to whatever aural intricacies the music might contain, and having sat down with this album on more than one occasion (without any external interruptions, as it was likely meant to be heard in the first place), I admit that there are a seemingly endless supply of said intricacies for us to sort through. Could it be a touch overwhelming for newcomers? Maybe, but when taking into account how melodic it is, I seriously doubt it.

YOU TUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2h8WyLZ_6rNfnrzm4d7FKg
Indie critics haven’t been able to stop talking about Suzanne’s Band and Mia Suzanne Walker herself in the last couple of years, and those who are curious as to why need to take some time out to spend with the stunning Back to You, which debuts this January everywhere quality alternative country, folk and pop music is sold and streamed. Suzanne’s Band aren’t holding anything back from us in this release, and though I’m sure that we’re going to hear plenty more gems from this group in the future, this gives us a great idea of how much excitement we genuinely have to look forward to from this Walker-fronted harmony machine. Let it be known that Back to You is one of 2020’s first epic listens, not only because of its uniquely stylish finish, but because of its phenomenally talented designer.

John McCall

PRESS: IndieShark

Original article: https://indieshark.com/music-reviews/suzannes-band-one-more-night-of-christmas/

On the back of a graceful beat, Suzanne’s Band lay into the instrumental intro to “One More Night of Christmas,” and although this part of the song is remarkably short, it makes an impact that lingers over the remaining three and a half minutes of the track just the same. There’s a springiness to the rhythm here, an up-tempo sway if you will, but there isn’t any urgency to the dispensing of the melody. Nothing is rushed in this latest single from Suzanne’s Band; contrarily, there’s a close attention to even the smallest of details that many folk crossover groups would just as soon ignore. The bottom line? “One More Night of Christmas” starts out overwhelmingly strong and only gets more gripping as we take in its heroic harmonies.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pg/suzannesbandmusic/posts/

Mia Suzanne Walker, the mastermind behind Suzanne’s Band, is really good at spicing up a chorus, but she simply outdoes herself in this single. On the first occasion that she has to shine, she bursts through the verses without any hesitation and emerges on the other side of the hook with a rare swagger only hinted at in her last album, Breathe. By the time that we’re nearing the conclusion of the track, she’s taken us one hundred and eighty degrees in the other direction, whispering the chorus with an adorably relatable reticence ahead of the song’s grand finale. She’s taking a familiar formula and putting her own embellishment on it, which is common among superstars but not quite as frequent among her indie peer group.

The instrumentation in this single is very well-arranged but the vocal is always the focus from start to finish. You just can’t put someone like Walker on the stage and expect different results – when she’s belting out a verse, it’s as though the entire band behind her is moving in slow motion, adjusting their play to better suit the tonality of her voice. She’s quite the singer and has shown a lot of growth just in the two years that have passed since we last heard from her, and if she’s able to continue the evolutionary process through at least the first half of 2020, she and her band are going to be looking at a lot more limelight in this next decade.

With a peaceful fade into the sunrise, “One More Night of Christmas” comes to an end and leaves a giant void where its rhythmic grooves once occupied only moments earlier. I’ve always said that it’s even harder to record a successful holiday track than it is to make a popular rookie release, but Suzanne’s Band makes it look incredibly easy in this latest studio cut. From their approach to the lyrics to the immaculate treatment of the melodies, there’s no debate as to whether or not this is an extraordinary piece and a great way to ring in the holiday season, but I wouldn’t call it the peak for the artists who play it. Mia Suzanne Walker and her self-titled band are far from finished, and their passion in this single displays just how much they have left in the tank.

Mark Druery

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