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Music: ‘One More Night of Christmas’

By Christina Stock

The lead singer behind the name Suzanne’s Band is Texas-native Mia Suzanne Walker, an artist who considers herself an indie folk-rock singer. The band — an Americana underground favorite — has released a charming and warm-hearted Christmas single that is promising and may just be the one to head out of the underground and into the light finding more fans. “One More Night of Christmas,” has the right balance between Walker’s bluesy mezzo-soprano voice range and the accompanying pop music background that flows smoothly.

Walker’s voice carries the emotions perfectly, sharing with the listener the longing of having another chance with a loved one at Christmas Eve, the idea and dream of a past not long ago, that will reflect in many who are listening and are facing a quieter, socially distanced holiday this year.

The melody is comfortable, the instruments following known pathways that feel familiar, yet new, including the airy jingling of bells. This is something that every potentially great Christmas song has in common. It makes one long for more, a short single is just not enough.

“One More Night of Christmas,” is my choice for 2020: Bittersweet and endearingly melancholic.

According to Walker’s biography, one of her recent highlights is her acceptance into the Recording Academy (Grammy’s), and she is rapidly becoming a popular YouTube artist, with her videos being seen by more than 30,000 people at press time.

Additionally, Suzanne’s Band’s video release of “Don’t Give Up Yet,” in October is a humorous uplifting answer to what can and did go wrong that makes one sing along.

I can imagine her band making a great impact in live concerts. Hopefully that will be soon possible again. Meanwhile, we have her YouTube channel and social media pages.

For more information, visit suzannesband.com.


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