INDIE MUSIC NEWS REPORTER: Suzanne’s Band – Ice and Fire (Remix)


Music is the consummate dynamo powering the emotional centers of our brains. It is forever fascinating how a song (and its meaning) can be interpreted in numerous ways by both the listener and the creator. It is equally fascinating when the interpretation at the audience’s end is more uniform. Latin Pop is one of those genres with a spellbinding ability to transcend language, age, and cultural barriers to reach our emotions. It sets itself apart by driving the listener onward with positive conviction. Of course, it is truly effective in the hands of a gifted practitioner. And Texas-based singer-songwriter Mia Suzanne Walker is, beyond a doubt, one of the gifted, as evidenced through her fiery Latin pop interpretation of her own single, titled ‘Ice and Fire.’

Written in the key of A minor, Ice and Fire is a hypnotically energetic number rendered with a dynamic range and arrangement that stays true to its name. Lyrically themed upon the immense passion between two individuals who are polar opposites, the very first notes struck by the acoustic guitar are evocative of the calm before the storm. In this story a warm soul is able to melt a cold heart as the two drown in a pool of desire. Indeed, the arrangement has been written with remarkable creativity endowed with the power to make the audience sit up and take notice. The ‘Icy’ parts are well-represented with a youthful-pop-like understated groove and an ever-reliable bass. The bass navigates the arrangement towards its eventual burst at the ‘Fire’ parts, which are well fueled by a brass ensemble (courtesy Geraldo Francisco). The drum follows the traditional two verse-1 bridge-1 chorus form keeping the song’s rhythm glued.

From verse to the chorus through the bridge, it is Walker whose versatile vocals seamlessly blend into the instrumentation. She spearheads the song with flawless transitions from the initial icy parts to the fiery bursts of the chorus. The song is not devoid of technical virtuosity either, as demonstrated by the aforementioned dynamic range in terms of the arrangement and performance of the instrumental parts (notably the brass section spearheaded by Francisco, who is Marc Anthony’s trumpet player).

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Walker’s vocal timber is at once glassy and raspy, befitting the genre beautifully. The lyrics are powerfully and creatively metaphoric and yet instantly decipherable, such as “We’re like ice and fire, drowning in a pool of desire, only one survivor…” The melodic topline is at once memorable, thanks in no small measure to the chord sequences and the bridge part which would have made Ricky Martin proud.

Just about every single aspect of this number has been crafted with sheer panache, endearing itself to the listener with its adlibs and contrapuntal interjections, both vocal and instrumental, empowering the lyrics with a flame that is likely to last in the listener’s mind long after the first listen. At a duration of three minutes and fifteen seconds, Ice and Fire is one wave-making number. It possesses effortless appeal and charm over audiences regardless of culture, age, or language, rendered by Suzanne’s Band in a manner that makes it a stellar addition to the Latin Pop genre.

About Suzanne’s Band

Americana (Country-Blues-Pop) combination Suzanne’s Band is the official vehicle driven by Texas-based singer/songwriter Mia Suzanne Walker. Suzanne’s career highlights include her recent acceptance into the Recording Academy (Grammy’s) and her rapid development as an established YouTube artist. Suzanne’s live shows are a blend of music covering the last seven decades and are usually a mix of classic rock, pop, rock, and country, along with Suzanne’s original songs woven into the setlist. Booking is available as a solo, duo, trio, or full band act. The non-genre-specific approach to Suzanne’s songwriting creates an entirely different basis to build on, along with introspective ideals and the importance of self-worth laced into the lyrics. If you’re looking for a deeper connection to life through music, Suzanne’s Band is it!

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