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In their latest single, the holiday ballad “One More Night of Christmas,” Suzanne’s band get back to basics stylistically while imprinting their own unique mark on an iconic genre within western pop music. “One More Night of Christmas” challenges the one and only Mia Suzanne Walker to push her vocal abilities to the very limit without overstretching her skillset, and while her backing band provides an adept backdrop perfect for the tone of the music, it’s her singing that tends to light a fire more than anything else here does. Whether you’ve heard this group’s work before or not, this is a single that I highly recommend taking a look at this season.

URL: https://suzannesband.com/albums/one-more-night-of-christmas/

As previously mentioned, the lead vocal is the undeniable centerpiece of “One More Night of Christmas,” and I would even argue that it’s one of the warmer performances we’ve heard from Suzanne since her debut release, Breathe. Her naturally intimate drawl adds an elegance to the grander scheme of things that wouldn’t be present otherwise, and although there are a couple of moments around the chorus where she appears to cede some of the ground to the percussive parts, she never steps away from the spotlight long enough for us to break the spell created by her serenade.

This track has got one of the better basslines I’ve reviewed in the last month, and without its delicate cushioning of the lyrics, I’m not completely convinced that “One More Night of Christmas” would be quite as captivating as it is in this particular capacity. There’s not a stitch of unutilized space in this mix, and while the edges are rounded out nicely by the bass parts, I don’t get the sense that there ever was a lot of cleaning up to do behind the soundboard ahead of this single’s official release.

The percussion here is really consistent but never intrusive on the other components in the song at all, which is difficult to do when considering just how tight a production style Suzanne’s Band decided to go with in this track. There’s a little swing in the steps, and despite coming close a couple of times, the beat never devolves into overindulgence or obscurity behind the mammoth command of the lead vocal. Suzanne wants us to experience the full scope of her group’s sound here, and by keeping things on an even plain aesthetically, she’s able to show us everything they’ve got and then some.

ANGHAMI: https://play.anghami.com/album/1008969732?songid=60525722

If you’ve been following their work lately, you’re absolutely going to love what Suzanne’s Band has done with the wonderful “One More Night of Christmas,” which I would deem one of the smarter Christmas tunes I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in the buildup to the holiday season. Suzanne continues to expand upon her trademark sound in this latest release, and though I’m certain that this won’t be the last time we find her music making headlines in some corner of the American pop underground or another, I’ve got a feeling that this is going to serve as one of her more popular releases among fans throughout the wintertime from here on out.

Mindy McCall

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