The Making of the Down In Mexico Video


My video creator Daniel Waltzer is pretty amazing. What’s even more mind-blowing is we start off working separately on ideas for my songs only to come back together to discuss them and discover we were thinking about the same theme. My sense of humor runs toward the quirky side, and I like seeing that played out through the videos as well. My favorite part of the video for Down In Mexico was the scene where the cell phone gets tossed in the sand with a “thunk”. How many times have you been trying to talk to someone and just wished you could grab their phone and throw it to get their attention?

I was really nervous about putting myself out there so much in the Down In Mexico video, but the fans and friends wanted and expected me to be in it. Next step was finding a location. Many tropical looking places locally were, still damaged from the most recent hurricane and as a new struggling artist I didn’t have the cash flow to go film in Mexico. Fortunately, Agave Rio was kind enough to allow us to film there, and their fabulous patio area was the perfect place to get that Mexican ambiance. Using stock footage enabled the viewer to feel more like it was done in Mexico as well. It was a beautiful Spring day when we filmed and couldn’t have asked for better weather. Classical acoustic guitar is what suits me best and fit in perfectly with both the song and the video. Keyboard castanet sounds were used in the recorded song to blend better. For the video, I played my Mateo castanets and put my years of flamenco/Spanish dancing lessons to good use. The scene where I’m songwriting is the real deal. If you look closely, you’ll see, it’s the lyrics from One From Two, another Suzanne’s Band original song. The production of Down In Mexico was a blast to record and even more fun to conceptualize and produce a video for. Every time I watch it, it makes me feel like I need to go to Mexico or at the very least, take a vacation.

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