Suzanne’s Band Album – BREATHE (Digital Download)


01 Down In Mexico
02 Losing You
03 One From Two
04 Breathe
05 Young and Free
06 Loving The Feeling

Digital Download Album: 60’s to 80’s influenced melodies with relatable lyrics for today’s world


Download the Digital Album – Breathe:

The first EP for Suzanne’s Band, Breathe, combines the artistic talents of an incredible studio band with some cello along with Mia Suzanne Walker on the keys. The detailed lyrics from the haunting emotionally charged song Breathe to the upbeat, catchy One From Two, stick in your head and your heart leaving you hungry for more. More than 40 years of combined music experience brought this dish to the table at just the right time, so pull up a chair and just Breathe it in.

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“Out of the heart of true Americana comes the first official release from veteran songwriter Mia Suzanne Walker in Suzanne Band’s Breathe EP, a sweet slice of six acoustic gems that fuse influences from folk and country music to yield the breathtaking setlist we discover on this album. Fans of all music genres will find themselves hypnotized by Suzanne’s southern drawl and plaintive insight.” – Vents Magazine

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