PRESS: Suzanne’s Band | No Depression

Since the 1960’s, America has had a love affair with music that speaks to our roots and reminds us of what it’s like to be a part of something that is so much bigger than we are. Something that speaks to the very essence of our souls and drives us to so and accomplish anything that we set forth to do. I don’t know if Mia Suzanne Walker was setting out to create something as spellbinding as her debut extended play Breathe, but she not only exceeds expectations listeners have in a rookie offering, but creates an intrinsic new category of indie folk music all its own. Much like the complicated lovers that dwell in Walker’s lyrics, I found myself falling into a complex love with Suzanne’s Band’s style introduced to me on this record. Read More

PRESS: Suzanne’s Band releases new music | MobAngeles

There’s some big waves coming out of the southeast Texas music scene lately, and perhaps the biggest wave that the singer/songwriters in Austin need to be watching out for is the one being made by the rollicking indie pop/rock unit Suzanne’s Band and its eponymous singer’s soulful approach to songcraft. Music has the unique capability of bringing the masses together in a way that is completely different than any other medium in the art world. John Lennon once said that this special quality is what makes music as sacred as religion, and that heavenly nature provides the backbone to Suzanne’s Band’s debut release, Breathe. Breathe takes us to a peaceful plain of contemplative catharsis akin to Joni Mitchell’s early work, and gives us a hearty sample of just what singer Mia Suzanne Walker is capable. Read More

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